Grammys, Gucci, Cardi B. and more

It is the show after the Grammys and we welcome you to the ride.  Cardi B. got that white hot performance.  Diana Ross still reigns supreme and showed it last night.  Church complaints is here and the governor of VA wants to moonwalk for the congregation.  Fashion brand Gucci is in quicksand and is still getting backlash for its blackface sweater.  Senator Elizabeth Warren from MA announces that she will run for President in 2020.  Comedy Roulette is here and the fellas have the things that you say when you don’t get a Valentine’s Day gift.  Junior has V-Day poetry just for you.  Cardi B. is still shining and has no signs of slowing down this year.  A New Orleans Saints fan dies in controversial fashion.  Today in Closing Remarks, Big Dog tells us why “friendship is essential to the soul” and so much more.

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