Riesel family receives new porch from Baylor Helping Hands

Baylor’s Helping Hands are changing one families lives for the better.

In 2014, a Riesel family was in an 18-wheeler car accident. The family lost their youngest son and their oldest is suffering from drop foot and dystonia. Their two daughters were also in the car suffering from multiple skull fractures.

Their oldest son Brayden, now 12 years old, loves to play outside but his condition stops him from doing so.

“Out on 25 acres, we have snakes and critters, things that he can’t run away from,” said Jeremie Smith, his father.

Brayden is facing daily challenges as simple as walking, and it makes it hard for him to enjoy the fresh air. Baylor’s Helping Hands heard of the family’s hardships and decided to change their lives for the better.

By building a porch that Brayden can easily spend time on if he wanted to be outside.

“It was a dream come true,” Smith said.

Brayden and his family are especially excited for the deck. They can’t believe the generosity of the community and volunteers that it took to make this day happen.

“Its freezing cold like this and they still want to work so that’s amazing,” Smith said.

Even though the accident happened 4 years ago, it still resonates with the family today.

“We’re just trying to bounce back,” Smith said. “You really don’t plan for something like that, and for it to happen out of the blue it was a difficult time.”

Now, they live day by day, taking in every moment.

“Live every day like it could be your last, you gotta love day by day we don’t plan for a week out,” Smith said.

For more information about Baylor’s Helping Hands visit their website.

— KXXV 25

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