YoungBoy Never Broke Again Arrested for Marijuana Possession

YoungBoy Never Broke Again has once again found himself in trouble with the law.  According to TMZ, the Louisiana rapper was arrested for marijuana possession (less than an ounce), use of fighting words and physical obstruction with another on Monday afternoon (Feb. 11).

The celebrity news site reports that YoungBoy was hanging out in a hotel room with a woman named Starr Thigpen when housekeeping came to their room, which was supposed to have been unoccupied. After seeing the maids, YoungBoy reportedly had Thigpen attack one of them to force the maids out of the room. The police report says Thigpen hit the maid in the face during the fight, which eventually ended up unfolding place in the hallway.

Eventually, the housekeeper got out of the hotel and called 911. When police arrived on the scene, YoungBoy and Thigpen were bot arrested. A bail amount hasn’t been disclosed, but YoungBoy is currently in the Atlanta City Detention Center.


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